Aos Sinos Dos Anjos Art Hotel

Come to Arraial, fascinating city, built on an aquifer, on top of a green hill … visit one of it’s magic places: An Art Hotel , invented, and built day by day … by the heart and hands of an Italian-French Artist, who lives there part of the year.
Here you will find all the comforts of a Grand Hotel ….yes also internet, with the harmony of an Art that is modern, for having renounced to the immobility of perfection … to keep the warm ,cozyness of a home.
Here our “staff” is always available to help you,in realising your wishes.
Come and see our suites and chalets,
Then choose your preferred one….to rest, sleep, love read, have fun, write ….
In Come along and visit us ! In the site you’ll find photos and a little video not already the right one …just to have a panorami view! Enjoy!

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