Art Hotel

Why an Art Hotel?
Why an Art Hotel in Brazil?

” From: Lorenza Bucci Casari “

An Art Hotel is a hotel with rooms all different, thought to house works of art of all kinds.

The Charm of a hotel Art, are works that stand, and that in part the private collection of the hotel, works are available for exposiçãoe venda and that will change.

This movement, even small, affects many people and help with the promotion of knowledge and love of art.

My European origin makes that has much to learn from the Brazilian Art … I think that for any artist, a country in full expanção as Brazil, and his sense of color, a stimulus is too big, in terms of knowledge, which confrontaçao.

Art created a hotel with a center for exhibitions for artists, I call your attention to exhibit works by known artists, or young people who are beginning and need to show their works, is a dream, which, not by chance, took shape In the Festival.

Festival, is a place where, handicrafts, in some of its most primitive and tribal manifestaçãoes is very interesting …. The Timbers, the necklaces, or other small objects of seeds made by Indians, still express the Memory of a very Art old. as well as work with clay … Marajuara as flower pots, work jà less primitive, the time when the man turned and creator of cattle farmer, with yarn, fabrics and lace ..

Finally, in the Festival, we can breathe an “air artistic.”

Perhaps serà why we chose this place to develop my project.
During the nine months of work. every day in the works, from 7 to 17 … plus the design and creation of works made specifically for the harmonisation of the Hotel, the choice and ordering of materials, and the choice of works of other Artists. .. Took me to devote 20 hours a day to that criação.Mas learned a lot, either, technically, that humanely.

I discovered over time, that hide here, some major artists,. From outside … My friend, Mariza Zakura, sculptor Paulista in the top of his career, moved pra cà, with its Gordas; grown girls and perhaps enormous, which transmit always, his humorismo subtle, with the other emotions that are … Well!
Bigù, with its abstraction visionaria, came from Belo Horizonte to Festival, to paint sò-Pic.

And Oruam, self, Rio, a former biologist, paints sapientemente, is a kind, generous and detailed, very vital, who works as vibram in the frequency of its deep meditation, like a girl at the edge of the river … that portraits: eleautodidattapassou the summer to paint in the street, who wanted to make a model, .. for a project, from this material, including video, which vai presented in November, here in Festival ..

Festival also has some local Artists, the best known, is married, which, with its technique, finely detailed, paint faces of the Indians that live without model …. and who knows, is not returned to jà life, many of their ancestors, lost, for various reasons, because of “discovery “…..

His party talks India high on its face and its creaturas.
Finally Festival, as many places magicos is a Place of Water…
To make a pozo, artesian or not, doing so is a burracco anywhere!
Also Tuesday, the source of Santa, who say miracle…

Water is for everything…. and helps the flow of Ideas, People and Creations.

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